Pradip Adhikari
  • Pradip Adhikari

Curriculum – Vitae

Name: Pradip Adhikari
Date of Birth: 11th OCT, 1983
Languages: Nepali \ Hindi \ English\ basic Spanish

Work Experience
Academic Council Member: Nepal Academy of Fine Arts
Executive Director: UNESCO Art Gallery

Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal
•Master’s Degree of Fine Arts ( MFA, Painting ) T.U. Nepal

A Solo Exhibition:
•2012- “Prakriti” (B.K. Art Gallery), Lazimpat
•2015- “Urban / Impression” organized by Buddhist Traditional Thanka Art Foundation). Bauddha Parisar, Bauddha, Kathmandu.

2012- “COLOR OF LOVE” Nagen Singh & me, Unesco Art Gallery, Kathmandu, Nepal

Group Exhibition:
● “ARTIST FOR ARTIST” International Open painting Online Competition & Exhibition-2022
●Art Exhibition by American Embassy on – (2013), Kathmandu, Nepal
●National art exhibition organized by Nepal Academy of Fine Arts (2015)
●Nepal Korea International Art Exchange Exhibition (interreflection-2018)- Nepal Art Council, Babarmahal, Kathmandu, Nepal
●2070- NSU Art Workshop Painting Exhibition, NAFA
●Landscape competition by Commercial Artist Association of Nepal (CAAN), (2000)

● Participated on (Commercial Artists Association of Nepal) painting competition (20th March-2001)
● LALIT KALA MAHOTSAB- Art Workshop – 2007
● Spectrum the group of artist workshop – 2007
● Rising Artist Group (RAG) – 2009
● Mountain landscape competition by ANNFSU LALITKALA CAMPUS – 27th May – 2008
● Image of New Nepal by Akhil Nepal Lalitkala Sangh – 2065 BS
● 2070- NSU Art workshop,Virkutimandab
● Participation in Art Competition on Impact of Small Arms and Light Weapons on Society organized on the occasion of The Global Day of Action for an Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) held at Babarmahal, Kathmandu, Nepal on April 23, 2007
● All Nepal Fine Art Association (2nd April – 2010)

Nagen Art Museum, UK, USA,

Other Workshops:
●Workshop in Balmandir, in the edition of 2006 (18 Sep – 9 Oct), 2007 (28 Sep – 26 Oct), 2008 (17 Sep – 17 Oct), 2009 (7 Sep – 5 Oct), 2010 (27 Sep – 24 Oct), 2011 (19 Sep – 16 Oct). Jose Luis Gutiereez Munoz, Full Professor and Head Director of Sculpture Department of Faculty of fine Arts of the Compultense University of Madrid, person in charge of the projects of cooperation to the development carried out in the orphanage Balmandir, Naxal (Kathmandu), since 2006
●PORTAGE PROGRAMME WORKSHOP- in collaboration with Japan Portage Association (JPA), ( Portage and Rehabilitation Association Nepal) Banepa, Kavre, Nepal (September 15 – 17, 2012)
●Drama play /Multimedia/Eco-animation/Expressional Arts/ Human Relationship of 2nd Nepal-Korea, Korea-Nepal Art and Culture Workshop held on from 21st to 25th May 2007. Jointly organized by (National PABSAN Cluster, school’ Forum Nepal, Kathmandu on & NGO PUM, Korea “Seeking the Universal truth of Teaching Through culture & Arts Education” for the excellent completion

Relevant Work/Experience and training :
●Artist, illustrator, basic graphic designer
Teaching assistant/Special need educator for Nepal Children Organization (NCO), Shelf Help Group For Cerebral Palsy (SGCP)- Dididai Care Center (2010 – 2016)
●Asia Pacific Course “community initiatives in inclusion” ADAPT (formerly the spastic society of India) Bandra, Mumbai- 2014 AD (support of the Centre for international health and development, university college, London and funded by the women’s council UK
●Few other short trainings organized by
SGCP (Shelf-Help Group for Cerebral Palsy/Nepal)
NCO (Nepal Children Organization)

● member of Akhil Nepal Lalitkala(all Nepal Fine Arts) Association
● Member of SPECTUM the group of artist
● Member of Art Revolution Mission (ARM)
● Member of Blossom Art Sangam (BAS)
● Member of all Nepal National Fine Arts Federation
● Member of People Cultural Federation Nepal
● Life Member of

Other Memberships:
●Chairperson of NICHE- Nepal (Nepalese Initiation for Children’s Health and Education)
●Asia Pacific Alliance member- ADAPT- Mumbai, Bandra