Assi Ghaat Temple


Shreya Hada Shrestha

Title: Assi Ghaat Temple
Media: Mixed media in canvas
Size: 10”*16”
Price: 15,000


“ARTIST FOR ARTIST” International Open painting Online Competition & Exhibition-2022
✏️FREE (Entry, Submission, Exhibition, Certificate and Catalogue).
✏️”No Sponsor No Supporter No Promoter Only “Artist For Artist” with the motto. “Artist for Artist” is an International Open Art Online Competition & Exhibition once a year with the aim of giving name, value and honour to every artist for the prosperity, development and promotion of art and artist.
✏️The exhibition is organized in such a way that, 70% of the amount from the sale of the works will be allocated to the artist himself, 10% to the prize, 10% to the welfare program and 10% to the souvenirs.
✏️We will accept your Original Artwork Photo in any medium and style.
✏️Discription needed; country, artist name, size, title, Medium, year, price and Email.
✏️Participant Artists should over 18 year old.
✏️Amateur Participant Artists should over 50 year Old.
1) Araniko International Award-2022.
2) Leonardo Da vinci International Award- 2022.
3) Pablo Picasso International Award-2022.
4) Jockson Pollock International Award-2022.
5) Vincenet Vangogh International Award-2022.
6) Paul Gauguin International Award-2022.
7) J.M.W. Turner International Award-2022.
8 ) Michelongolo International Award-2022.
9) M.F. Husain International Award-2022.
10) Sadequain International Award – 2022.
11) Shilpacharya Zainul Abedin International Award – 2022
12) A) The social media international awards.
i) YouTube international award
ii) Facebook international award
iii) Instagram international award
iv) Twitter international award
v) Tiktok international award
vi) LinkedIn international award
B) Public media award eg. Radio, Television, Newspaper etc.

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