Dhorbarahi Temple


Country – Nepal
Titel – Dhorbarahi Temple
Medium- water color
Size – 28″/28″ inches
Price 5000



The Dhorbarahi temple is devoted to Goddess Barahi and is located in Baajsthal in Suklagandaki municipality. One of the main attractions of this temple is a small pond with fishes whose water level mysteriously rasies and falls. Every fifteen minutes fresh water gushes out from between the rocks and then subsides which is fascinating for worshippers who come to make their offerings at the temple. References to this temple have been mentioned in verses 22 to 30, chapter 5 in the “Skanda Puran” which is a genre of eighteen Hindu religious texts. Visiting and making offerings at this temple is believed to make your aspirations turn to reality. People come and worship at the temple believing that there is the third reincarnation of lord Vishnu in the temple.

Main events in the lunar calendar that bring in hundreds of worshippers are Shreepanchami, Chaite Dashain and Bada Dashain. Located 5 km from the Prithivi highway, a vehicle journey to the temples would take 20 min from the highway at Dulegauda or an hour walk.

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